About Mister Brown

From  | The Midwest and now lives in Northern California.

Likes | Playing games, learning new things, pizza with way too many toppings.

Hates | Mosquitos and the smell of nail polish.

Plays | Basketball and is the proud reigning tetherball champ at several local elementary schools.

Goals | To make a difference, choose well, and to beat his wife at dominoes.


About The Team

Mister Brown and the Choose Well Group are on a mission to help educators and parents empower students to make better choices to live better lives. We believe that choices are the puzzle pieces of life so it is important to choose well. (Oh Yeah!)

Mister Brown has been a speaker for over twenty years, but the reason behind why he is so effective is that he isn’t just a public speaker, he’s a communicator.

He will seek to understand the needs of your culture, connect with your people and challenge them to makes better choices to live better lives.