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Through our podcast we strive to provide quality tips and advice to our listeners so they will be motivated to make better choices to live better lives. We also aim to give tips and advice on quality products they can use. Sponsoring a podcast episode can make sure your product or service gets the attention it deserves.

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  • Episodes are published each week.

  • Your sponsorship script will be read and featured in the beginning of the episode, during the intro, and during the opening of the episode.

  • Your script should be up to 40 words long (subject to light editing to match our general style).

  • On the day of publication each episode is sent directly to our mailing list, subscribers, and followers of 2,000+.

We only accept sponsorships that are trustworthy and relevant to the podcast audience.


  • A single episode — $49

  • Block of 4 episodes — $150 ($37.50 each)

  • Block of 10 episodes — $300 ($30 each)

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