Mister Brown & The Choose Well Program

Mister Brown has been speaking to groups and providing training to organizations for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his perspective and wisdom, and he loves seeing light bulbs come on when new information clicks and motivation sets in. He is passionate about helping people make better choices so they can live better lives. He knows that kids and school staff can come together and be a positive change in their school’s culture. 

Mister Brown and The Choose Well Group utilize 10 elements in their school partnership plan to help schools cultivate and maintain a positive school culture year-round. Customize your school plan with these 10 elements and schedule a call today.

  1. Assemblies: The purpose of assemblies is to help students make better choices to live better lives. We want students to understand they have a superpower, their choices. This message can be customized to cover a variety of topics such as bullying, kindness and character development, sexting, apathy, perseverance, etc. Assemblies are customized to meet grade-level needs for K-12. (While we see the need for the school to receive the same message to cultivate and maintain a positive school culture, the message will be customized for age-appropriateness. We can conduct multiple assemblies to give age-appropriate presentations. For an example, if you are K-5 school, we can do assemblies for K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. This is just an example, we will work with your school to best meet your needs.)

  2. Small Groups: We have found same-day or for a follow-up visit that meeting with small groups is a very effective way to engage students on a deeper level. Students can ask questions and Mister Brown can go deeper on certain topics. Examples of small groups can be boys/girls, grade levels, leadership groups, clubs, athletic teams, etc.

  3. Choose Well Videos: This is an on-demand video curriculum that can be used as an introduction or a follow-up to the Choose Well message. These videos are easy to use and can be followed up with group discussions and writing prompts. You can find out more about this additional content at TheChooseWellProgram.com. Special discounts are available for partnering schools. 

  4. The Choose Well Award: This award encourages students to make better choices to live a better life throughout the school year by recognizing students who choose well. Schools can utilize this award at their quarterly award ceremonies, graduations, etc.  

  5. Choose Well Wednesday: On the weekly Choose Well Wednesday the school as a whole will recognize their commitment to making better choices to live better lives by wearing their Choose Well gear (e.g. t-shirts; sweatshirts; wristbands, etc.).

  6. Choose Well Gear: School culture is improved when the message to make better choices to live a better life is constantly remembered. Choose Well t-shirts, wristbands, hats, posters, and other gear is available for students and school staff. 

  7. Family Nights: A major part of cultivating and maintaining a positive school culture is parent involvement. The purpose of family night is to create a positive shared experience for students, educators, and parents. Each family night is customized to best meet the needs of the school community and may include a meal/dessert, games, music, dancing, giveaways, and an inspiring message from Mister Brown. 

  8. Culture-Building Consulting:  Mister Brown desires to help schools cultivate and maintain a positive school culture. Do you have a school motto, a theme for the school year, or a character development focus area? Whether you are using a program such as Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), Restorative Justice, Character Counts, Second Step, or not Mister Brown can help your leadership team customize and implement a plan that works with the Choose Well message.  

  9. Professional Development for Educators: Cultivating and maintaining a positive school culture starts with leadership. Teachers and school staff need encouragement so they can continue to give their best to students and families. Mister Brown provides encouraging keynotes, workshops, and training to empower educators to grow in their personal lives, relationships, and careers. 

  10. Parenting Workshops: Mister Brown teaches parenting by choice and not by chance through The Choice Parent program. Mister Brown helps bridge the gap between parents and their kids with useful and practical tips for the everyday parent’s toolbelt. Mister Brown will work with schools to choose a workshop that works best for their parent community.