Yep, first name Mister, last name Brown. I have been speaking for over 20 years to a variety of audiences. I’ve had the honor of being a part making a difference in neighborhoods and cities around the country. I’ve worked with students from Kindergarten through college and have seen that making good choices is a common struggle.

My purpose is to “empower, equip and support individuals to strengthen our communities through the power of
choices.” While being raised by my amazing, hard-working, single mom in inner-city Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I learned early of the power of making good choices, often the hard way. Under my mother and grandparents’ very watchful eyes, I was able to avoid the lure of drugs, alcohol and gang affiliation.


I feel very fortunate that my mom worked hard to help me choose well. Silver Spring Neighborhood Center (a community center in an inner-city) became my first experience training and motivating students. I loved it! Working with students who were faced with so many challenges kept me inspired to help them see through the darkness and have hope. You can say I got bit by the bug of serving others. While I had jobs such as district sales manager for The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and AFLAC followed by careers with FedEx and The Men’s Wearhouse, I have always remained passionate about motivating students and training others. In 2005 I launched Hello Mister Brown. I currently live in Northern California with my wife Andrea and my children Sophia Grace & Evan Josiah. For fun, I do CrossFit and am always up for a great basketball game.

What Can Mister Brown Do For You?

Captivating audiences around the nation with wisdom, passion and valuable life lessons sprinkled with humor, Mister Brown has the unique ability to connect with young people on their level while encouraging them to reach for the greater things in life. Students of all ages can relate to his story, are engaged by his energy and ability to make them laugh and have fun, and because he genuinely cares about their lives and futures and they can see it. In short, Mister Brown has the heart of a teacher and mentor, and it shows.

Using interactive object lessons, humor and life wisdom that students can relate to, Mister Brown delivers a powerful, lasting message students can put in, what he calls their “invisible backpacks” and take with them on their journey through life.

Mister Brown speaks to thousands of students each year in all types of settings from camps to classrooms; all sizes from small groups to audiences in the hundreds; and all ages ranging from grade school through college. He also works with and trains parents and teachers how to build powerful relationships as positive influences in the lives of students. His passion and positive message are infectious as he carries out his purpose in helping students understand that choices are the puzzle pieces of life. To learn more about booking Mister Brown visit the speaking page.