Mister Brown has been speaking to groups and providing training to organizations for over 20 years. He enjoys sharing his perspective and wisdom, and he loves seeing light bulbs come on when new information clicks and motivation sets in. Lives are transformed as people overcome their doubts and feelings of inadequacy and instead find themselves equipped to overcome. Mister Brown helps people make better choices so they can live better lives through his signature interactive and dynamic events, making sure each attendee can take away their “one thing” from the experience, their biggest takeaway.

Mister Brown provides motivating and inspiring keynotes and workshops to help professionals grow in their personal lives, relationships, and careers. Each event is customized to meet the needs of your organization or community. Schedule A Call Today

Below are a few examples of recently requested keynote and workshop topics for professionals.

360° Relationships

Have you ever thought something like, “Life would be so much easier if not for people”? While relationships can be complicated, they are also very rewarding. The question is, how can we build and maintain healthy relationships? In this message, we explore the concept of relationships as bridges that connect us together. Together we can choose to make our families, work and world better through building better relationships

Greater Than

Working in a team can bring big challenges and big rewards. As you work as a team to make strides for success, it is important to remember that what you are a part of is greater than you. In this keynote, Mister Brown addresses three essential choices for success. We will explore the importance of perspective, the big picture, and the importance of buy-in. You will be equipped to understand the challenges and empowered to choose well as you make strides toward success. How will you choose?

3 Keys To Unity

Unity is something we should all strive for in our personal, family, and professional lives. However, it can be very elusive. In this message Mister Brown not only shares 3 keys to unity but 3 enemies of unity that keep many people, families, and organizations disconnected and unable to achieve optimal success. 

You First: Leading from the Inside Out

From childhood, most of us wanted to be first. First in line. First to eat. First to open Christmas presents. However, many of us quickly learned that putting ourselves first is considered selfish. In this message Mister Brown shares there is a time to put yourself first and it’s not selfish.  


Many of us have experienced some deep hurts in our lives. Betrayal, abuse, and other offenses have a way of not only hurting in the moment but bringing lasting pain. We attempt to deal with the pain in a variety of ways. One of the most popular but least effective ways is ignoring it. We choose to ignore it while neglecting the most effective method - Forgiveness. In this powerful message Mister Brown covers the following

  • What Forgiveness is and isn’t. 

  • Why forgiveness is more powerful than revenge.

  • 3 practical steps to forgiveness. 

  • What happens when you refuse to forgive.