Each of our events is customized to meet the needs of your organization and community.  Below are a few examples of some of our recently requested keynote & workshops topics for professionals.


Have you ever thought something like, “Life would be so much easier if not for people”? While relationships can be complicated, they are also very rewarding. The question is, how can we build and maintain healthy relationships? In this workshop, we explore the concept of relationships as bridges that connect us together. Together we can choose to make our families, work and world better through building better relationships.

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Working in a team can bring big challenges and big rewards. As you work as a team to make strides for student success, it is important to remember that what you are a part of is greater than you. In this keynote, Mister Brown addresses three essential choices for success. We will explore the importance of perspective, tools for unity and the importance of buy-in. You will be equipped to understand the challenges and empowered to choose well as you make strides toward success. How will you choose?